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A Financial Services Boutique

At Kellogg, It’s All About You

As a boutique advisory firm, we offer you service that is personal, private, and exclusive. We aspire to have only a limited number of clients but to provide personal service to every one of them. We honor our relationship with you by providing customer service and attention you will not find elsewhere.

  • We take the time to understand your goals in life and how you feel about your money
  • We can advise you on all your financial affairs—investing, retirement, estate planning, insurance, and other issues—or design a plan to address a single aspect of your finances
  • Your financial plan shows you what you need to do to fund your goals in life
  • Your portfolio is tailored to your goals and your ability to withstand market losses
  • Investments are monitored and you receive reports quarterly about performance
  • You will understand everything we do for you—your investments, fees, and financial plans
  • As a privately-held independent advisory firm, our advice is not influenced by a corporate parent  and we are free to choose the right solutions for you

A Retirement Plan You’ll Feel Good About

There’s More To Retirement Planning Than Investing

Retirement is supposed to be your “Golden Years.” But for many retirees it becomes a scary time of life.  That’s why retirement planning must be comprehensive, covering all the bases. At Kellogg, we aim to give you confidence in your retirement plan by managing changes in your financial situation and monitoring assets you rely on for income. We also cover areas that are key to retirees:

  • Ensuring your loved ones can be cared for with life insurance coverage
  • Long Term Care Insurance in the event you and your spouse ever need nursing home care or long-term care in your home
  • Your reliance on Social Security
  • Using trusts to ensure your assets are passed to your heirs as you wish
  • Strategies to minimize estate taxes
  • Creating a Living Will and Powers of Attorney
  • Ensuring IRA beneficiaries are properly assigned for tax minimization

Focused Plans To Address Specific Needs

A Smart Way To Address Your Financial Issues

While Kellogg believes that most wealthy individuals need the ongoing advice and discipline of a professional investment manager, in certain instances individuals need assistance with only a single financial issue. Our Focused Plans are a way to tap our financial planning expertise to address one or even two complex issues without creating a comprehensive wealth management plan or managing your portfolio. A Focused Plan is right for you if:

  • You want a plan for funding a particular goal, such as paying for your child’s college education or caring for a family member after you’re gone
  • You are selling a business and need an estate planning strategy to transfer assets tax-efficiently
  • You enjoy managing your own investment portfolio but would like a detailed retirement plan projection to assess the risk of running out of money in your 70s, 80s and beyond

Our Focused Plan program will provide you with in-depth analysis and prudent solutions to resolve your concerns about a specific area, giving you greater confidence about the future.

Your Vision Is Our Mission

We Understand The Power Of Dreams

Like most people, you have a vision of the future. Maybe you want to send your kids to college or start a new business. Or perhaps you want to retire early so that you can travel the world. If you can dream it, you can do it. But only if you understand what it is you want to accomplish with your financial and personal resources and then carefully design and commit to a comprehensive plan to make that dream a reality.

At Kellogg Wealth Advisors Inc., we understand the power of dreams, and we appreciate how hard it is to make those dreams come true. You face decisions every day that impact your long-term planning. How much money will you need to finance your dreams? Should you fund your children’s education first, or get your retirement on track? There are no quick answers or simple solutions.

That is where objective financial advice can make the difference. The right financial plan can help you answer your short-term questions and give you a roadmap to guide you to your dreams.

Keep It Simple, And Smart

A Single Strategy Addressing All of Your Needs

At Kellogg Wealth Advisors Inc., our goal is to simplify your financial life and protect your wealth for future generations. We believe that the best way to do that is by surrounding you with a team of professionals working together in a coordinated effort to help you achieve your goals. In integrating all of your financial needs into a single, overarching plan, you leverage our expertise to provide:

    • A comprehensive financial plan
    • Asset allocation strategies built around your risk tolerance
    • Investment management based on your individual goals
    • Succession planning and exit strategies for your business or private investments
    • Retirement planning that maintains your quality of life
    • Estate plans to preserve your legacy
    • Insurance solutions to protect against risk
    • Tax management

    A Comprehensive Personal Finance Solution

    To Do It Right, Cover All Your Financial Challenges

    When it comes to your money, you can’t afford loose ends or unanswered questions. All details of your financial life can be addressed in a comprehensive plan created by experts at Kellogg.

    • Your investment portfolio is tailored to your personal needs and managed on an ongoing basis.
    • We’ll analyze what steps you must take to adequately fund expenses through your senior years.
    • Education funding for your children or grandchildren is assessed and solutions are recommended.
    • Your dependents are protected with proper insurance coverage to provide a critical safety net.
    • You gain the peace of mind that comes from providing for your loved ones in a detailed estate plan.

    We have experience in helping high-net-worth individuals with the entire range of financial challenges. We can help you address one issue you currently face or create a comprehensive plan addressing your total financial picture. We are committed to understanding your personal situation, researching the best solutions, and providing you with the highest level of personal attention.

    Empowering You To Take Control

    Education Is Your Key To Success

    Kellogg’s education-oriented process empowers you to achieve long-term financial security. You get peace of mind from understanding the financial planning process, and then we coach you on the best ways to get from where you are today to where you want to go, while avoiding potential distractions along the way. This coaching program is designed to simplify your life by reducing your anxiety about finances. The result is a happier, healthier lifestyle that gives you the freedom to live your life based on what you want to do, not just what you have to do.

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