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Planning Toward Financial Independence

Your Success Is Monitored In A Disciplined Process 

Putting off financial planning is never a good idea. Doing it yourself takes time away from your job and your family, and may mean it won’t ever be properly addressed. At Kellogg, we create a financial plan and manage your assets. We’re here to help you:

  • Establish investment objectives based on your individual investment goals.
  • Customized asset allocation around your objectives, including taxes and risk-adjusted returns.
  • Ongoing review and rebalancing to ensure your portfolio stays within your allocation parameters.
  • Constant communication through quarterly reports and regularly-scheduled meetings. 

We provide expert advice that touches all aspects of your financial life:

  • Create an income stream for your retirement
  • Fund a child’s education
  • Build a nest egg to meet expenses through your 70s, 80s, and beyond
  • Leave a legacy for the next generation

A Process For Managing Your Wealth

A Disciplined Approach To Guide Your Way

As a client of Kellogg, you will be guided through a disciplined discovery and planning process, which includes:

Your Personal Financial Inventory: We will evaluate your entire financial situation, taking a complete inventory of your current assets and liabilities, determining your tolerance for risk and investment time horizon, and identifying your current and long-term goals, including retirement.

A Personal Roadmap: We develop your financial plan by integrating all of your assets and then incorporate risk management and tax strategies into an overall long-term investment strategy.

A Diversified Portfolio: The portfolio that we build for you will be designed using both in-house and external research. It will be diversified across a variety of market sectors and a broad spectrum of investment products that may include STOCKS, BONDS, MUTUAL FUNDS and PRIVATE MONEY MANAGERS, depending on your personal goals.

Investing Requires A Steady Approach

Take The Emotion Out Of Your Portfolio

If there is one thing that the last few years have shown us, it is that markets are unpredictable, and guiding your portfolio through turbulent times requires experience, patience and vigilant management. Kellogg is committed to helping you meet your investment goals through sound advice and diligent oversight of your investment portfolio, customized to meet your individual goals and structured around your risk tolerance.

Because investing involves a number of risks that are often impossible to predict, we moderate these risks by diversifying each portfolio across multiple asset classes to improve its risk-reward characteristics. Using a combination of in-house and independent third-party analysis, we will help you design a sensible asset allocation strategy and then select the appropriate investments that meet our stringent criteria and that are aligned with your goals and needs. Finally, our ongoing due diligence of both the broad markets and your individual holdings will help ensure that your investment strategy stays on track.

A Plan For Every Stage In Life

Sustaining Your Family, Reaching Your Dreams

At the core of your relationship with Kellogg Wealth Advisors Inc. is a coordinated approach to managing your wealth, providing you and your family the security that comes with knowing you have planned financially for every stage of your life. We can help you:

Accumulate: Achieving your dreams starts with articulating and quantifying them.

Manage: We work with you to design an investment strategy tailored to meet your specific financial goals based on your individual risk tolerance.

Protect: Your investment portfolio is only half of the equation. You also need ideas to minimize your tax liabilities and guard your family’s financial future from unforeseen events.

Enjoy: They say life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans. We’ll help you balance your current income and liquidity needs with your long-term goals.

Distribute: The right planning can help ensure that what you have built will eventually benefit the people and organizations that mean the most to you.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

We Will Simplify Your Financial Life

First and foremost, Kellogg is an investment advisor: We make recommendations and manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis. But wealth management doesn’t stop there. So we offer you expert advice on related concerns, such as protecting your loved ones with insurance, charitable giving techniques, and estate planning.

If you are a high-net-worth individual seeking advice about your portfolio, our independence and business model supports your need for advice. If you seek ongoing wealth management advice on a range of goals, such as retirement, college financing and estate planning, we can act as a fiduciary and work with you on a fee basis. However, if you need advice only on a single goal, such as estate or retirement planning, we can provide you a focused solution and be paid on a commission basis, which may be less costly to you. Our goal is to provide you the right solution for the lowest fee possible. 

In addition to bringing our own expertise to bear on different aspects of wealth management, Kellogg has professional relationships with a network of specialists outside our firm—attorneys who can draft documents, CPAs who can assist with tax matters. This network allows us to provide advice as in-depth as you require. So we can be a single source of advice for all of your financial concerns.

Kellogg’s comprehensive range of services eliminates the problems that can occur when you must manage multiple advisors. We make wealth management simpler for you.

Fiduciary Services Can Lessen Your Liability

Whether you engage us to review your existing retirement plan or create one for your company, we ensure that your plan offers the right mix of investment products at low costs—easing your liability as a fiduciary entrusted with prudently overseeing your employees’ retirement savings. We provide you with a side-by-side comparison of how your plan compares with others. If your company doesn’t already have a 401(k) plan, we’ll design one, recommend fund offerings based on your employee demographics, and can then manage the plan. Your employees can call us for one-on-one investment recommendations.

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